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Sunset Barbeque

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In late November the Monsoon Season is normally well and truly over in Bangalore and the time seemed
right for outdoor activities once again. Maureen had been planning something very special for the Wine
Appreciation Club with a local vineyard owner D N Raju.( Darby )
Since May the wine club had so far held wine tasting dinners in Bangalore’s top restaurants featuring (and
very kindly sponsored by) the main Indian wineries and it was time for a different type of event on more
‘neutral’ ground. Despite unusual rain showers a few days before, it was a gloriously sunny Saturday
afternoon when we all set out for Soma vineyard, an hour’s drive north of Bangalore. The last part of the
journey was rather a bumpy ride along a mud track, but Raju had kindly posted sentinels along the way to
guide us to the vineyard itself. Everyone was surprised to find a hilly estate with lots of coconut and

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