Bangalore Soma Vineyards

Our Story

Simply stated the story of Bangalore soma vineyards is all about vineyard itself. “ A sense of place” from where our “Wines for wellness” and the limited edition “Elixir of the gods” is made with immense passion and respect to nature.

The two persons who are driving and shaping this dream forward with passion are..Mr Paul Topping a wine man based out of Sri Lanka and a Travel-Retail Marketing professional with two decades of experience and the visionary Darby Raju , an Applied acoustics expert working with IISc, “in pursuit of quietness”, Organic Permaculture designer, ex Mg Director Moerhiem Roses India P Ltd.

The owner D N Raju…Darby as he is fondly called is a die-hard Ayn Rand fan. He purchased this 100 acre propery in the year 1982. The moment he saw the place , he knew this was the place of his dreams, the place to re create John Gault’s self sustaining electro magnetically sealed secret valley from Ayn Rand’s book “ Atlas shrugged” , open only to immensely talented self believers and super achievers where only the best of everything , food, wine !, Products, entertainment and service is available on barter system, to inmates.

1982 to 1992 the place lent itself to “ Permaculture” responsible organic agriculture.1992 to 2001 horticulture plantation like coconuts introduced. Asia’s largest Rose plant Nursery established as a joint venture with a Dutch Floriculture co on the estate. 2002 Michel Roland French consultant selects our estate for growing quality wine grape. We Established wine grape cultivation under his guidance and execute buy back agreement with Grover for supply for their top wines, even did a supply stint for sula. 2011 With Paul Topping start planning for own boutique winery, co formed. 2012 and 2013 produce our own vintage wines with our signature style. 2014 First state of the art , underground gravity flow Boutique winery gets established in the vineyard along with wine tasting and tourism facility. Soon to follow will be bed and breakfast vino cottages for overnight stay.
We are very happy to invite friends of soma to share the single estate limited edition wines available only at the vineyard tavern, and at the cellar and also enjoy the experience of being really up close with nature