Bangalore Soma Vineyards


gundamagere lake

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Location & Terroir

Our 100 acres vineyards are situated 30 km –about 45 minutes from Bangalore Airport and 50 km –about 1hour and 30 minutes from hebbal fly-over Bangalore.

Predominant part of the soil is red loamy with small pebbles which ensures good drainage. The white grape varietals are planted nearer to the lake to take advantage of the microclimate and the lower temperature near lake area.

Following permaculture principle the vines are planted along the contours against the slope so the trenches arrest the topsoil erosion, rather then following the east west or north south orientation advised by European growers as they want to maximize exposure to scanty sun light. We have no dearth of sunlight in india. The special contour planting has resulted in our grapes and our wines acquiring a special terrior which has given us a unique advantage

Grape Varietal

At present our major varietals are –

Cabernet Shiraz 70 %

Sauvignon blanc 25%

Cabernet sauvignon 05 %

We are in the process of adding another 20 acres of exotic varietals which have shown promise in our experimental plots .